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Easy Paint Tool SAI Tutorials

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Although Paint Tool SAI is intuitive and easy to learn, it always pays to check out tutorials when learning a new program. Below are some easy-to-follow tutorials that can get you up and running fast:

Create a Glow Effect

Creating a glow effect can make ordinary creations look surreal, and thankfully, you can create this effect quickly in Paint Tool SAI. First, create a new layer and set its mode to Luminosity. Next, use the Airbrush Tool to draw over the object that you want to glow. Don’t use 100% opacity, and feel free to experiment with different colors. You should also experiment with mixing colors of the base object and the glow effect.

Use the Stabilizer

The stabilizer is a great help when you need finer controls when drawing with the mouse. In order to use it properly, click on the drop-down box labeled Stabilizer at the top of the screen. You’ll be presented with a range of numbered settings. The higher the number, the tighter the Stabilizer’s control will be.

You may have to experiment with different settings to find what works best for you. You should also try different settings on the Stabilizer with different tools to see how it affects each one. Some tools work better with the Stabilizer than others.

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How to Create a Skin Tone

Many people use Paint Tool SAI to create cartoons, but it can be difficult to get an accurate skin tone when creating cartoon people. Although there are plenty of methods to do this, skin tone is subjective. Nonetheless, there are some steps you can take to get the process started. First, create a new layer and set its mode to Normal. Fill in the area of skin for the person you’re creating.

Next, create a new Clipping Group and set its mode to Normal. Use the Pen Tool to color in the area and then use the Water Brush Tool to blur. You can then add a new Clipping Group layer, set to Normal, and use a slightly darker color with the airbrush tool to color things in. You then use the Water Brush Tool to blur things.

Finally, add another Clipping Group, but set its mode to Luminosity. You can then use the Pen Tool to add highlights using a lighter shade. Once again, the colors you choose to use will be up to you, but these steps can give you a basic start in creating an accurate skin tone for your character.

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