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PaintTool SAI

PaintTool SAI 1.2.5

The drawing utility that'll bring out your artistic side

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  • Kaitlin Knipe

    by Kaitlin Knipe

    Paint tool sai is great! I don't know why everyone says there's only a one day trial, because I got 31 days. The prog...   More

  • Abi Palmer

    by Abi Palmer

    it didnt work for my computer. i have a chromebook and it wouldnt load..   More

  • Kawaii Sora

    by Kawaii Sora

    The app is great, until your free trial runs out. Then you're stuck being unable to open any projects you were curren...   More

  • Damaian's gamer

    by Damaian's gamer

    i love a this site..   More

  • Sandro Archvadze

    by Sandro Archvadze

    i can't even download this program. others use it very well and even youtubers use it (The Odd 1s Out)..   More

  • Sophia Carpenter

    by Sophia Carpenter

    It wouldn't work, and it has a 30 day free trial, after that, I believe it costs $50-$80 when I found that out, I was...   More

  • NextLucario The Aura

    by NextLucario The Aura

    I think Paint Tool SAI is good drawing app but if you make new icon make it easy to find i think it can help you mak...   More

  • Scarlette Foxx

    by Scarlette Foxx

    This tool is really easy for a beginner like me. I suggest you add keyboard shortcuts, however, it really speeds draw...   More

  • Angusplayz

    by Angusplayz

    i would it helped the odd1sout to draw it could also come in handy if you are an animator.   More

  • Sandy Morales

    by Sandy Morales

    i recommend this because with this it looks like if it had more detail and you change looks. by me.   More

  • Elaiza Kristine Tan

    by Elaiza Kristine Tan

    LOVE PAINTING..   More

  • Florin Dumitru Florin

    by Florin Dumitru Florin

    i love so fricking much this ap. i recommendit. this ap is so good..   More

  • Alicia DaBunny

    by Alicia DaBunny

    It's mostly better and very easy to learn the more you draw on this the more you learn really i have this for like on...   More

  • Teya Ngaecharoenkul

    by Teya Ngaecharoenkul

    ggkchtjkbhljnk;ml'pok;ijyutfyhgkjnl;piuoyitrdhfcgjvkblnj;[ipuoyiturfdhgjvkbln;jkipu7ytrdfhcgvbjnkjki8976turfdgvhbjnkpi..   More

  • Heba Ashour

    by Heba Ashour

    اقلب وجك .
    البرنامج لا يريد ان ينزل على جهازي الابتوب لماذاااااااااااااااااااااااا.   More

  • Elena Ioffredo

    by Elena Ioffredo

    Cons: N...   More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    love it.
    its cool and I love the options of tools and its not a waist of sketch book paper. would recommend More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    this is the best.
    it really useful for drawing but I don't really like how its pixilated..   More

  • Alexis Zsebe

    by Alexis Zsebe

    i find it verry attractive.
    its cool and I try to paint a lot of details in my drawings.   More

  • Olivia Neve

    by Olivia Neve

    How do I open Paint Tool Sai?.
    HI!I just downloaded paint tool sai, but it will not allow me to open the program...   More

  • Shelby Stewart

    by Shelby Stewart

    I love it but....
    I'm doing the trial and i cant get a canvas and i don't know how to get it can someone plz hel...   More

  • Moth Frost

    by Moth Frost

    Love it! I just got it today and already just LOVE making art with it. If you are a fast learni...   More

  • Haley Blood

    by Haley Blood

    Full or Trial?.
    Is this a full version of the program or is it just a trial. That you need to pay for?.   More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Uhh.. Is there a trial?.
    Okay, so It said it was a trial. What was that about? Now I can't open it...   More

  • Rebecca Terrill

    by Rebecca Terrill

    my name is rebecca im 11.
    its good i love it wall i do ladybug and cat nroi paints i love it.   More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    It's pretty good but confusing..
    It's pretty good. It's just a bit confusing at first. I like drawing and painti...   More

  • Purple Girl

    by Purple Girl

    hard but looks good.
    it looks simple but i couldn't even draw and i need some help..   More

  • meep meep

    by meep meep

    Really good but there are some problems.
    I can't figure out how to even buy it, what makes me really sad is that...   More

  • Emily N Kaci

    by Emily N Kaci

    Made Speedpaint :3.
    I love it honestly its great and I made speedpaint with it :3.   More

  • Kurumi Tokisaki

    by Kurumi Tokisaki

    I used up my 30 Trial.....
    Its good okay don't get me wrong, but....i used up the 30 day trial and i can't seen ...   More