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PaintTool SAI

PaintTool SAI1.2.5

Powerful but Light Drawing Program for Digital Artists

PaintTool SAI is a lightweight drawing and painting software used for creating or editing art. Unlike other graphic design applications, SAI is focused on painting,  giving you great control of its color templates and line quality. Plus, it fully supports drawing tablets and pens.

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  • AshlieTheStar

    by AshlieTheStar

    I like paint tool sai, it's just not available for mac which makes it very unfair for those mac users to pay, rather than have windows have it free. I do agree paint tool sai is an amazing program to use.

  • 2025 Shaalin Gamble-Sarfo

    by 2025 Shaalin Gamble-Sarfo

    Its good with gacha life pictures and good for pictures in general.You can make amazing pictures with this app.I totally recommend it.

  • Yesenia Chavez

    by Yesenia Chavez

    i need to play it to show my real rating so if i cant play it i cant rate it

  • Alivia Heinzelmann

    by Alivia Heinzelmann

    I saw many people use it so I decided to try it out and not very surprisingly it worked! these are some people that I have watched use PaintTool SAI on youtube: Lunar Eclipse,JelArts,Little bird, and more!

  • KimZ priadiwangsa

    by KimZ priadiwangsa

    its ok but i recently got a lot of problems with this app. its fine

  • yoana tenebro

    by yoana tenebro

    i love it cuz i dont have one i need it now now now now now

  • Mairead McCaul

    by Mairead McCaul

    All of the textures are beautiful, it's so easily and simple to use, I love it, it's definitely my go-to when I need to make something simple, although I'm not sure how to buy a license, thanks!

  • AppleKitty Gamer

    by AppleKitty Gamer

    I can't do do I actually paint? All I see is the download page?

  • Spiritual Presence Sentry

    by Spiritual Presence Sentry

    wonderful. i love aplication. is so awesome

  • Ayla Deweese

    by Ayla Deweese

    I love paint tool sai. It is an amazing app and I would totally recommend using it.

  • Silent Diamond

    by Silent Diamond

    It's amazing to use for blood and shading I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Also it helps me improve my digital drawing skills!!

  • Black Dragon

    by Black Dragon

    Ok I made a drawing and it was pretty but nooo i coulnd save it becouze of the trial :C and im pissed it really was good.

  • Galaxy Maxx

    by Galaxy Maxx

    Since I downloaded it, I've used it for all of my art needs and it has always worked perfectly! I've had a few troubles with new brushes, but otherwise this download really saved my life and my wallet!

  • miraculous adventures

    by miraculous adventures

    I like it because I like art and it looks so cool that I really really really really really want it

  • Jestine The hedgehog

    by Jestine The hedgehog

    I cant buy the license, I'm trying to get more trial so I can draw my own drawings. I want to draw again, plz let me draw again.

  • Melany Toledo Luna

    by Melany Toledo Luna

    it fun and cool ang I love it. and I can draw Alice angle, bendy and boris.

  • Honey the cat

    by Honey the cat

    I just like how this thing works! It is so interesting. I'm sure anyone can try it!

  • Kaitlin Knipe

    by Kaitlin Knipe

    Paint tool sai is great! I don't know why everyone says there's only a one day trial, because I got 31 days. The program doesn't scam your computer-but the tools take a while to learn. I took a tutorial-it really helped. I recommend doing that, when you're still on the trial. Doesn't glitch for me.

  • Abi Palmer

    by Abi Palmer

    it didnt work for my computer. i have a chromebook and it wouldnt load.

  • Kawaii Sora

    by Kawaii Sora

    The app is great, until your free trial runs out. Then you're stuck being unable to open any projects you were currently working on AND you can't open pictures that you want to use to start a project. The app becomes nearly useless once your trial runs out.

  • Damaian's gamer

    by Damaian's gamer

    i love a this site

  • Sandro Archvadze

    by Sandro Archvadze

    i can't even download this program. others use it very well and even youtubers use it (The Odd 1s Out)

  • Sophia Carpenter

    by Sophia Carpenter

    It wouldn't work, and it has a 30 day free trial, after that, I believe it costs $50-$80 when I found that out, I was very disappointed and sad. So in short, it was good while it lasted.

  • NextLucario The Aura

    by NextLucario The Aura

    I think Paint Tool SAI is good drawing app but if you make new icon make it easy to find i think it can help you make it more good than this versoin

  • Scarlette Foxx

    by Scarlette Foxx

    This tool is really easy for a beginner like me. I suggest you add keyboard shortcuts, however, it really speeds drawing up.

  • Angusplayz

    by Angusplayz

    i would it helped the odd1sout to draw it could also come in handy if you are an animator

  • Sandy Morales

    by Sandy Morales

    i recommend this because with this it looks like if it had more detail and you change looks. by me

  • Elaiza Kristine Tan

    by Elaiza Kristine Tan


  • Florin Dumitru Florin

    by Florin Dumitru Florin

    i love so fricking much this ap. i recommendit. this ap is so good.

  • Alicia DaBunny

    by Alicia DaBunny

    It's mostly better and very easy to learn the more you draw on this the more you learn really i have this for like on year and its mostly the best for me