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PaintTool SAI

PaintTool SAI1.2.5

The drawing utility that'll bring out your artistic side

PaintTool SAI is a paint tool for Windows PCs that lets users harness their creative side.

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  • Alexis Zsebe

    by Alexis Zsebe

    i find it verry attractive. its cool and I try to paint a lot of details in my drawings

  • Olivia Neve

    by Olivia Neve

    How do I open Paint Tool Sai?. HI!I just downloaded paint tool sai, but it will not allow me to open the program? Any Advice?

  • Shelby Stewart

    by Shelby Stewart

    I love it but.... I'm doing the trial and i cant get a canvas and i don't know how to get it can someone plz help me

  • Moth Frost

    by Moth Frost

    WONDERFUL!!!!!!. Love it! I just got it today and already just LOVE making art with it. If you are a fast learning artist, you need this. No viruses either so don't worry. Pros: The blur tool. Layer abilities. Cons: Tutorial in-application

  • Haley Blood

    by Haley Blood

    Full or Trial?. Is this a full version of the program or is it just a trial. That you need to pay for?

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Uhh.. Is there a trial?. Okay, so It said it was a trial. What was that about? Now I can't open it..

  • Rebecca Terrill

    by Rebecca Terrill

    my name is rebecca im 11. its good i love it. wall i do ladybug and cat nroi paints i love it

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    It's pretty good but confusing.. It's pretty good. It's just a bit confusing at first. I like drawing and painting and that stuff, so I like it. Pros: That it has a lot of different tools to make your drawing. Cons: Maybe fix this bug: Sometimes after I use the choosing tool, even after I chose a drawing brush, I can't draw. Make it less confusing and maybe add descriptions that show up when you hMore

  • Purple Girl

    by Purple Girl

    hard but looks good. it looks simple but i couldn't even draw and i need some help.

  • meep meep

    by meep meep

    Really good but there are some problems. I can't figure out how to even buy it, what makes me really sad is that I wasnt even able to accsess the stuff i was already working on so i could keep it. Also a tutorial for using it would be nice. Pros: very effective. layers. Cons: No tutorial. No way to find out how to buy it

  • Emily N Kaci

    by Emily N Kaci

    Made Speedpaint :3. I love it honestly its great and I made speedpaint with it :3

  • Kurumi Tokisaki

    by Kurumi Tokisaki

    I used up my 30 Trial..... Its good okay don't get me wrong, but....i used up the 30 day trial and i can't seen to find the actual thing that you buy, the Full version, if you could put up teh real version and not put a scam like otehr websites, i would be very happy :)

  • Amir Zarei

    by Amir Zarei

    overall its really good and the main thing i would use for art! . I feel like it should take less time to actually start it up and actually download so can you do anything about that?

  • Lps Funnybunny

    by Lps Funnybunny

    WHY???. Why is it not for windows ten? do it for all devices instead! like chrome! Pros: YEH IF I COULD USE IT. HMPH. Cons: GIVE IT TO US!! NOW!!!

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    It was amazing and easy to use. I had fun making amazing art work with this tool ,love it. It is like using a pen or pencil and I can easily make art work with a lot of free time. Pros: Making art work like of pro.

  • by Anonymous

    awsome. im just about to get it and it was theoddsoneout who uses it. Pros: fun. easy. Cons: needed to change some settings

  • iHeart 2499

    by iHeart 2499

    i used my trial up.. I really like it, but.. I downloaded it and used my 30 day trial. But now I can't find the download for the actual thing

  • Reyene Bouie

    by Reyene Bouie

    i really lkike it and is very fun to use. i thin that its a a wonderful tool inn life.and that I enjoy that it brings me so much fun

  • Tori Lopez

    by Tori Lopez

    It is good to use.. It is fun to use,and i use it all the time. I draw fun stuff.

  • by Anonymous

    Does not self-install; requires on-site IT staff to get it to work.. This is a very low quality software. It does not self-install according to standard doftware protocol. Users are required to assist in the install process with only the help of the non-english speakng staff. Support from the company is terrible. Purchased product was never fully installed because i do not have my own it staff. PrMore

  • by Anonymous

    Not so great. I loved the app however I hated it as well! I hate that you don't get lots of brushes to use nor save your artwork once the free trial ends. TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: well everything when I had the trial time. Cons: At least to save your artwork after the trial ends. More brushes while the trial time is still okay

  • Moka

    by Moka

    fix the glitches please.. very easy to use, nice setup but when ever I save it and return the next day to continue my drawing it glitches and doesn't let me draw. Pros: the usage of it. Cons: the glitches

  • by Anonymous

    GREAT. IS AWESOME,im finally can drawn awesome drawings,CONGRATIULATIONS. Pros: The style. The Hud. Cons: Pretty complex. Better tutorials

  • witherboss33

    by witherboss33

    Alright.. I don't really know how to use it from the video for beginners. It just says that we can scribble around with different materials. I wanted to learn how to do easy, important stuff. Like how do you make speed draws? But it still has a lot of stuff to use, and it isn't stupid, like other paint tools. It really has something to draw. Though it needs improvement.

  • Olivia Spayd

    by Olivia Spayd

    i hate it. its bad! its bad! don't use it! i have learned from experience! it limits everything! there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many bugs! its sooooooooooo bad! holy shrimp its baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! its bad. Pros: make art look good i guess? Cons: everything else.

  • Cinderfeather The Medicine Cat

    by Cinderfeather The Medicine Cat

    I love it so far besides the confusion.. I love it but I wish it had the undo option on the Wacom Intuos tablet, if I can then please tell me how to change the settings. :) Pros: Layer system. Brushes. Cons: No Shape tools

  • by Anonymous


  • Winter Msp

    by Winter Msp

    It messes up sometimes but its still nice to work with.. It was kinda ok but it kept messing up my speedpaints. ;p Its still nice to work with though!

  • by Anonymous

    ITs great. Its a great paint tool to do my art skills, so i can show my art to my family or my friends. Pros: paint brushes and oil pastles

  • by Anonymous

    Make it compatible for Windows 10!!. It is pretty annoying how this software is not compatible with Windows 10.