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How to use PaintTool SAI - a beginner's guide

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How to use PaintTool SAI - a beginner's guide by Softonic

PaintTool SAI is a drawing utility for Windows. In this video tutorial we’ll show you how to use it:

1. First, open PaintTool SAI. Please note that additional software will be offered to you during the installation!
2. Go to “File” and select “New” to create a new canvas.
3. You’ll find many options to choose from: color and tools for you to work with (pencil, airbrush, brush, water color, marker, bucket and more) as well as edge shape and size, and density and texture of what you’re working with.
4. You can drag, rotate and zoom the canvas anytime. Click on “Color picker” to use a color you previously used.
5. You’ll be able to add more layers to your creations. You can also clear or delete a layer.
6. On the “Filter” tab you’ll be able to change the hue and saturation and the brightness and contrast of your drawing.
7. Lastly, on the “File” tab you’ll find the option “Export as” to save your drawing in several formats.
8. Remember to save your drawing before closing PaintTool SAI!


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